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Letter From Birmingham Jail History Assignment Paper - 825 Words

Letter From Birmingham Jail History Assignment Paper (Essay Sample) Content: LETTER FROM BIRMINGHAM JAILNameUniversity affiliationWhat concept was Dr. King trying to explain to the American people and the hundreds of civil rights activists who were also in Birmingham in 1963? Does Dr. King show commitment to a cause greater than himself? Explain. Martin Luther king junior wrote this letter while in jail in Birmingham. This letter is a response to his fellow clergymen who criticized him for being in Birmingham. The clergymen argued that what martin Luther had engaged in was untimely and unwise. In his response, Martin tells them his main purpose while he was in Birmingham was to respond to issues of injustices. In his letter, he points out that the Negros were highly segregated in Birmingham and other American states. There was no justice for black people living in America. The blacks were denied access to some social amenities which were a reserve for the white people. Sharing motels, schools with the white was illegal (Dinar, 1963). They were living in abject poverty because they could not access equal opportunities with their white counterparts. There were signs everywhere indicating colored or white meaning that the blacks were not permitted in such areas. Churches were not left behind. They too participated in this ordeal of racial discrimination.The prevailing circumstance at that time indicates that Negros were a social misfit in Birmingham. They were unwanted not because they were less human but because their color was black. The judgment leveled against them because of the color was in itself unlawful and immoral. Discriminating human beings on the basis of color is not right and should be condemned in the best way possible.Martin Luther King committed himself to a goal greater than himself but he was very optimistic that liberation was on the way. He made a decision to fight for the rights of his Negro brothers and sister so that the yolks of injustice could be broken (Dinar, 1963). He knew that this was the bes t thing to do at that particular time. Martin Luther king argued that waiting for a proper time to do this was delaying justice for his people. He committed himself to a nonviolent direct action. These were demonstrations organized to compel those in authority at that time to heed the call for justice and engage in negotiations. This was the best option martin had to try and liberate his people from injustice and bad laws.Outraged by some of the laws that humiliated the Negros, Martin Luther decided to advocate for a civil rights movement to champion for the freedom of Negros. Luther felt that some laws can be obeyed but other laws which are inhuman should not be obeyed. He refused to be passive but instead, he voiced his concerns (Dinar, 1963). He was disappointed with the church leaders who did not support him and the movement. However, Martin Luther king believed strongly that he will liberate his people. Martin Luther found something worth dying for and that is why he was in ord er to push for change regardless of the consequences of his action. Fighting for a just society is the best thing one can advocate for in the prevailing circumstances of injustice. However difficult the task is, it is vital to realize that freedom calls for sacrifice.Are Kings points applicable to modern American society? Explain. Should we as citizens be concerned with issues and matters that do not directly affect us as individuals? If we are going to strive for equality, although it may seem insurmountable, what is the value of working together for a common goal? Explain your position. In your community, what causes do you value and why?Martin Luther kings concerns about discrimination are still applicable in the contemporary American society. Injustice was the main thing that Martin Luther dealt with and it is still a problem in the Present America. The same challenges Negros were facing in America during the days of Martin; they are still threatening the African Americans and H ispanic living in America today. According to Pew research center, America is still battling with issues of discrimination. The minority groups in America, for instance, the African Americans and the Hispanic are on the receiving end when it comes to racial discrimination. In some areas in America, there are no equal opportunities for blacks and whites. The whites are preferred over the blacks when it comes to things like mortgage or jobs. A national survey done on 29 May 2016 by Pew research center revealed that 88% of blacks felt that there was the need for America to continue making changes to its laws for them to have equal rights with Whites (Pew research center, 2017). This is a clear indication that issues raised by Martin Luther are still applicable in the present American society.As citizens, it is necessary to be concern about the rights of other people. Things that do not affect us directly yet they affect fellow human beings are worth fighting. Martin Luther believed tha t injustice done to anybody is injustice done to everybody. Injustice somewhere is injustice everywhere. This implies that people should be more concerned about issues affecting other people. Whatever that is affecting other people my in one way or the other affect us. Fighting on behalf of your fellow citi...

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