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The Family Adjustment And Adaptation Response Model

To date, an abundance of research has provided evidence that stressful situations and circumstances in a family are associated with youth behavior problems (Brakefield, Wilson, Donenberg, 2012; Conger et al., 2002; Elkington, Bauermeister, Zimmerman, 2011; Hammack, Richards, Luo, Edlynn, Roy, 2004; Nebbitt, Tirmazi, Lombe, Cryer-Coupet, French, 2014). This association is not only empirically supported, but theoretically supported through the Family Adjustment and Adaptation Response model, which postulates that family demands (i.e. potential stressors placed upon one or more family members) interact with family capabilities (i.e. perceived physical and psychological resources; coping strategies) (Patterson, 1988, 2002). These two†¦show more content†¦These studies have focused only on single or dual stressors, such as risky sexual behavior and substance use by caregivers, substance use and maternal incarceration, or maternal incarceration by itself (Brakefield et al., 20 12; Nebbitt et al., 2014; Ruiz Kopak, 2014). However, research has indicated that the co-occurrence of stressors is more greatly intertwined than has been shown thus far in the literature on parental stress and youth behavior problems. Specifically, potential stressors including mental health problems, a history of detention, and adult substance use, which have been shown to deleteriously impact levels of familial stress, have a high likelihood of co-occurrence (Mukku, Benson, Alam, Richie, Bailey, 2012). Importantly, a recently study analyzing parental stress via a combination of caregiver substance use, mental health problems, and adult incarceration showed that higher parental stress was associated with greater rates of youth delinquency and substance use among African American youth (Voisin et al., 2016). While this an important finding, more research is needed to better illuminate the pathways that mediate direct relationship between parental distress and youth delinquency an d substance use, which is the primary aim of the current study. Substance use and delinquency among African American youth Illuminating malleable pathways that may link parental stress to youth delinquency and substance use among low-income AfricanShow MoreRelatedA Better Understanding Of The Nursing Profession And Care For Patients1392 Words   |  6 Pages definitions, relationships, and assumptions or propositions derived from nursing models or from other disciplines and project a purposive, systematic view of phenomena by designing specific inter-relationships among concepts for the purposes of describing, explaining, predicting, and /or prescribing†( â€Å"Nursing Theories†, 2012). Throughout this paper we will explore Sister Callista Roy and her theory of adaptation to form a better understanding of the nursing profession and care for patients. SisterRead MoreHuman Behavior And Its Effects On The Health Care Environment1514 Words   |  7 Pagessignificant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, workplace and/or financial stressor s. It means bouncing back from difficult experiences (American Psychology Association [APA], n.d.). Human behavior when submitted to stress or adverse conditions, particularly in the context of health care, experiences a range of adaptations, many of which have been empirically tested (Caldeira Timmins, 2016). These adaptations to change can either result in positiveRead MoreTranscultural Psychiatry : How Culture Influences Presentations Of Mental Disorders1660 Words   |  7 PagesTranscultural psychiatry studies how culture influences presentations of mental disorders and response to treatment. The understanding of concepts in transcultural psychiatry is crucial for psychiatrists in training in the UK, given the multicultural and multi-ethnic nature of UK society. One of the pioneers of transcultural psychiatry, or â€Å"comparative psychiatry† as it used to be called, was Emil Kraepelin. In 1904, he travelled to Southeast Asia to study the local population and developed hisRead MoreContemporary Nursing Theories1685 Words   |  7 Pageshow to do things effectively and competently. This paper endeavors to give emphasis on contemporary nursing theories specifically focusing on a variety of aspects, such as definitions, concept statements, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual models. Moreover, this paper also aims to tackle one particular nursing theory in relation to its application in practice. Contemporary Nursing Theories Early nursing theorists aimed in defining what is nursing; conversely, contemporary theorists discussedRead MoreCommunication Is The Act Or Process Of Using Words, Signs, And Feelings860 Words   |  4 Pages(Merriam-Webster dictionary, n.d) Communication is something that is vital to get through out life with interpersonal relationships and with family it’s crucial to communicate to avoid problems. For this essay, I was required to observe a family and discuss my findings. The family I chose to observe was an African American family who had gathered to have what was supposed to be a family reunion. The location for this event was on Tybee Island, Georgia at the beach. Upon arrival there were three sisters Sherry,Read MoreThe Transactional Model Is Introduced By Arnold Sameroff979 Words   |  4 PagesThe Transactional Model was introduced by Arnold Sameroff (Brown Stoffel, 2011). Sameroff was a psychology professor at the University of Michigan and taught developmental psychology. He was involved and president of many organizations through developmental psychology as well as being a board emeritus member at a clinic for children with mental health issues (, 2014). â€Å"His primary research interests are in understanding how family and community factors impact the development of childrenRead MoreSickle Cell Disease : African Americans1378 Words   |  6 Pages Abrams, Phillips, 1992). The Transactional Stress and Coping Model This theoretical coping model displays a variety factors to adaptation to a chronic illness in this case sickle cell disease (Hocking Lochman, 2005). The transactional stress and coping method is framed within Bronfenbrenner’s ecological-systems theory (1977) the model depicts chronic stress as a potential stressor which must be coped with thus the family and child attempt to adapt to (Hocking Lochman, 2005). The diagramRead MoreThe Treatment Goal Of 75 Year Old Male With Hypothyroidism1592 Words   |  7 PagesManagement. The treatment goal of 75 year old male with hypothyroidism is to improve patient’s symptoms which will allow better adaptation to environment. The medication dose should be adjusted to maintain serum thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) within the lower half of the reference range (0.4–2.5mU/L). Treatment of hypothyroidism in elderly subjects is a common task undertaken in general and in sub specialty practice. Treatment of hypothyroidism in e lderly subjects is often rewarding, simple andRead MoreSce1: Psychological Explanation of the Causes of Crime1502 Words   |  7 Pagesnts  and  other models  of behavior. c. Frustration- Aggression Theory - Holds that frustration is a natural consequence of living a root cause of crime. Criminal behavior can be a form of adaptation when it results in stress reduction. *Alloplastic Adaptation- That form of adjustment which results from changes in the environment surrounding an individual. *Autoplastic Adaptation- That form of adjustment, which resultsRead MoreDr. King And Her Nursing Process Theory1453 Words   |  6 Pagesher Nursing Process Theory. It will show an overview of the model related to person, environment, health and nursing. The paper will also discuss the model and how it relates to the nursing practice. Finally the strengths and limitations will be discussed. Goal Attainment Theory Imogene King developed her nursing theory on the basis that the nurse and the patient, â€Å"work together to achieve the goals in the continuous adjustments to stressors†. Dr. King received her master’s degree in science

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