Monday, November 18, 2019

433Mod4SLP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

433Mod4SLP - Essay Example A common example of HCI which I experienced is GPS navigation system. This has proved to be beneficial for me as I often plan trips where locating my destination becomes important. The navigation system is a prominent example of human computer interaction approach (Wasson, 2006). My personal experience with this application has been good as it was completely a user friendly technology. I just had to enter my location and my destination and the system was so designed that it gave me the entire route map to reach the destination. The usability factor is a matter of concern as proper interaction would be only possible if users find it easy to operate on such application. Similarly I found the navigation system based on HCI approach possess high usability. When the application was installed in my mobile I was keen towards learning its facilities (Kirlik, 2006). It was designed in such comprehensive manner that before going to the main page the application introduced the user with a live example on how to operate such application. This proved to be helpful for me as I could identify the required steps which I need to take to locate my destination. On the contrary I feel that certain HCI applications are difficult to understand. Like for instance my brother installed a computer gaming software in my laptop and I was not able to operate that properly (Jaimes and Sebe, 2007). It comprised of some complicated instructions which a user cannot understand if he or she does not have some technical knowledge. This in turn I feel reduces the usability of a HCI application. I have noticed that in some organizations there are user friendly applications implemented in the system but there are certain programs which require some theoretical knowledge. However usability is an important factor when it comes to HCI and its applications. HCI is all about effective communication between machine and human and I think that this can be only possible if technological

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